The Kitchen Cabinet

While attending two other sessions, Dan and I had talked with a number of those who had gone through similar experiences. From those we encountered, our kitchen cabinet — as we had begun to refer to the group — grew to eight. All of them were intrigued by our project and eager to help us.

Sensing that perhaps it was time to move to another level with our sessions, I put forward an idea that had been forming in my mind: “While there’s never any certainty how things will turn out, it occurs to me that our individual backgrounds in such a diverse array of businesses might offer us not only the opportunity to learn from each other and be supportive, but could establish the foundation for a multi-disciplined consulting organization. So I was thinking we could follow Ann’s lead and take turns relating the particulars that brought each of us here. The speaker could highlight the conditions, facts and circumstances of their previous employer and we could all raise questions for clarification. Acting as a committee of the whole, we could thoroughly explore causes and effects, and seek to reach consensus regarding the current and future prospects for the organization under consideration.”

“Sounds involved, if you ask me.” It was Carl Houston, a former sales executive who had joined us at the suggestion of the church pastor. He shrugged, “But, we’re here because we’re each looking for a way to deal with what’s happened to us, and anything that offers that hope is probably worth giving a try.”

Dan was pleased with Carl’s reaction and moved to capitalize on it. “To give us the best chance of producing meaningful results from those… what we might call, case studies… I volunteer to take general notes on my laptop that came to me compliments of good ole Weixx-Corp! And, each of you can take turns entering key points on some wall charts so we can all see the evolving picture. One objective will be to determine whether and how our observations might relate specifically to John’s problems. Beyond that, we might consider whether we believe each major topic has broader implications for the fundamentals of businesses in general. Finally, we can each have copies of my notes and the charted information for our individual uses here, and later on.”

Since much of what had been discussed so far was intended to help me, I felt it was my turn to comment. “Wow, Dan, your mind really has been working overtime! I certainly look forward to participating.”

“Thanks,” he replied. “Once tuned in to the task, everything sorta flowed and you just heard some of the results. But, these are just my ideas… I’d like to hear what everybody else thinks.” Ann’s response was immediate and enthusiastic: “Let’s do it! We can adjust as we go along.”

The others agreed, the pattern for each case presentation was set, and Oliver Allen would be responsible for the topic at the next meeting.

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