Observations on a Sunday Morning (Sept 30, 2007)

Observations on a Sunday Morning

I fear for the well-being of this nation as…
1. The oil interests here and in the Middle East continue strangling the economy of our petroleum-dependent society, while systematically preventing development of alternative fuels.
2. Young people become aware they are being knowingly recruited by political leaders who were themselves put in power by unbridled money interests to ensure our patriots fight their wars so such oil interests can sustain control over oil reserves as they rapidly run out! Where will we turn for our armies when genuine threats to our security arise?
3. Those with wealth complete the dismantling of our manufacturing infrastructure, shifting instead to China and a broad base of underdeveloped, but developing countries—we can’t export most of the services that increasingly dominate our jobs base.
4. China is said to graduate 500,000 engineers each year while the US graduates only 60,000 – they have more honor students in engineering than we have students!
5. The long-standing strength of our middle class is eliminated as the rich become richer and the rest are forced downward by out-of-control health care costs, cost of home ownership, and increasing obsolescence of their job skills.
6. We in America fail to recognize [or ignore] the lessons of history that are fast repeating themselves here to our peril. It’s been 332 years since we declared our independence. Consider what happened in relatively shorter periods to Egypt, Persia, Rome, the Dutch, British, French, Germans –while today, modern China is on the move and we are in decline…

When the objective observer listens to him today, it is evident there’s nobody else in America today who can come to close to matching the intellect and judgment of President Clinton… where will the next super leader come from and when? Maybe, Breck, someday.

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